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Jumaat, 25 Mei 2012

korean dvd 1:my lovely kim sam soon ..

my first dvd korean aku beli kat the mall ipoh..harga pun boleh tahan rm 99.90..tapi pada hari toe abah belanja ..its ok..heee..tapi kat kedai tu ader wat promosi beli satu dapat free satu lagi dvd korean ..aku pun pilih la citer ni..LEE MIN HO yang berlakon sebenarnyer kak aku yang nak sebab dier minat kat lee min ho ni..aku x minat sangat minat lagi kat HYUN BIN ni.. citer ni best sangat2 kelakar..aku ingat lagi first tgk citer ni kat tv masa tu tahun 2ooo lebaih x silap aku la..masa tu jarang2 tgk citer ni..x berapa faham sangat la apa la citer ni..yela masa tu aku baru umurbelasan tahun x faham lagi drama2 korean ni..heee akhirnyer tercapai jua hasrat aku nak memiliki dvd aku dah faham apa la sebenarnyer jalan citer ni..yang bestnyer HYUN BIN & KIM SUH AH memang kelakar..
citernyer macam nie... Kim Sam-soon's (Kim Sun-ah) main passion and skills are in baking and dreams of owning a shop of her own. She does not have much of a social life and dreams of changing her name as it is considered a very old-fashioned and embarrassing name. After she is dumped by her boyfriend, she manages to land herself a job in a big French restaurant working as a pastry chef for a rude and angsty 27-year-old man called Hyun Jin-heon (Hyun Bin). Both are on bad terms ever since they set eyes on each other. One day, Sam-soon finds herself in need of 50 million won (approximately US$50,000) to pay for her mother's house. She agrees to be Jin-heon's pretend girlfriend for that amount. During their pretend dating they slowly become more affectionate with each other. When things seem to go accordingly, Jin-heon's ex-girlfriend Yoo Hee-jin (Jung Ryeo-won) returns from the US and life for Sam-soon starts getting much worse. Jin-heon then realizes that he is happier with Sam-soon and can't stop thinking about her. He confesses his love to her after she tells him that she hates people who don't confess their feelings towards the person they like. Hee-jin asks Jin-heon to accompany her on her return to the United States. Sam-Soon allows him to go but he does not return within the promised duration. He soon arrives and they find out that he has been sending postcards to the wrong address. Sam-soon and Jin-heon attempt to get her pregnant in order to convince Jin-heon's mother into allowing their marriage. The plan fails, but they remain together. Near the very end of the series, Sam-soon reads a poem from a poster on a bus stop: "Dance like no one's watching. Sing like no one's listening. Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt before. Live like there's no tomorrow.

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