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Rabu, 27 Mac 2013

[k-drama] Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek

hye salam satu malaysia

Drama series depicts the lives and love of people working in the advertisement industry.
Lee Tae-Baek (Jin Goo) is extremely talented, but due to his poor resume goes through difficulties as he attempts to succeed in the advertising world.
Baek Ji-Yoon (Park Ha-Sun) is an intern at Keumsan Ad Company. She tries to do her best regardless of the task. Ji-Yoon is full of passion and becomes involved with Lee Tae-Baek.
Ko A-Ri (Han Chae-Young) is an AD planner at Keumsan Ad Company. She's confident and a sexy woman. In order to achieve her dream, she throws away her past and her love.


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